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This tutorial is an introduction to the iPortal. First sign in to iPortal using your username and password.

When you have logged on, the first screen you will be brought to is 'my workspace' and this is you personalised homepage for iPortal.

On this page you will be able to see any messages or announcements from your sites as well as your own personalised calendar.


On the left-hand side of the screen is the menu for navigating iPortal. 


  • Home will always bring you back to this page.
  • Profile allows you to personalise information on your account such as adding a profile picture.
  • Membership allows you to join a site.
  • Calendar allows you to add events to your personal calendar Resources allows you to upload private files or save them from sites you've joined.
  • Announcements allows you to post notices such as meetings or lessons and have them appear on the calendar.
  • Worksite Setup is where you can create and manage your sites. Preferences allows you to customise iPortal – change languages and create shortcuts to your favourite sites.
  • Account is where you can make changes to your login details. 
  • For further assistance click help. 

Now click on Membership to join a site for the language you are interested in.